Many Birds Around Here

I love nature such as trees, quiet and calm places and etc.
That’s why I am a quiet person.
You need to be silent to hear many surrounding sound.
The natural sound is a very peaceful I feel relax to much.

I’m somewhat hate noisy sound, don’t love to stay in crowded places it’s always feel cramped to me.
At my home have many kind of birds such as The Oriental Magpie Robin, Dove, Malaysian Pied Fantail, Bulbul and ….. so much

I always put a small bowl full of water under a mango tree.
I’ve hiding myself to watching those cute birds come to having fun in this blow.They play the water and singing together I know they’re happy and I’m happy too.

That’s awesome !!
Unfortunately I can’t take any photos post here.

I’m happy without go outside..
happy and peacefully at my home.


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